The great transition year begins as 5th graders reach into deeper studies of process and product across the curriculum to include literacy, maths, New Literacies (technology, critical thinking, conflict resolution, debate and further independent inquiry) Fifth graders write daily, and write deeply in reports, descriptions, research analyses, formatting, and sourcing with citations. Anchor charts and anchor papers or samples often provide a template or guide for students as they develop both their creative nuances and their technical skills across the genres. Students are often introduced to Shakespeare, poetry and may further their experiences with dramatic plays and the elements of the writer’s process, staging and personal performance opportunities. Self-written works of art may be a part of a whole class activity and lyrical language. Art is a group activity that may include drama, music, art exhibitions and debates. History as seen from multiple perspectives incorporates our Jewish identity and the histories of our ancestors and others. We cover the Renaissance, Golden Age of Discovery and the American Civil War.


Maths include solving more complex problems, fractions, percentages and decimals as well as being able to identify the Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Factor and practice working together to solve problems. Geometry asks us to determine diameter, radius and circumference as well as measure angles and understand the beauty and elegance of geometry and algebra as we learn means and modes and the world of probability in the world all around us. Sustainable Development Goals are a part of every unit of study if they are organically derived by the children and in a unit of study across the curriculum. Science is life science, as we learn about cells and the intricacy of what is in a cell and how it functions in all living things. We dig deeper into our understanding of ourselves in relation to others and our interdependence as members of the human family. We become more proficient in maintaining balanced lives and knowing our capacities as we stretch to serve our communities and our friends as contributing members of our school communities and our greater communities. We become more self-reflective and capable of making good decisions in every context while being always respectful to both others and our learning process.