At the Growing Garden Academy, children are infused with Jewish values, heritage and language. Our Judaic program is based on our core belief system that includes; building positive character, respecting ourselves and others, caring for and appreciating the world around us, asking questions, debating, collaboration and team study, and creating an environment that promotes a genuine joy for learning.


Jewish heritage is central to our identity at The Academy. Students are taught the daily prayers, Jewish history and holidays. Each week we discuss and analyze the weekly Torah portion; bringing our history, holidays, mitzvoth, traditions and central Jewish figures to life.


Our Hebrew reading program is tailored to each child’s individual learning style. Reading, writing and conversing in Hebrew, begins from when our students our young. This helps them become proficient in a second language and gives them the skills to master the Torah, Hebrew prayers and Jewish studies. Along with the language, we study the landscape, history, legacy and importance of the land of Israel.