Our Vision and Our Goals

    • Encourage rigorous and connected interdisciplinary academics based on inquiry, discovery, exploration, collaboration and creativity.


    • Foster a love of life-long learning with activism and participation in collaborative learning groups.


    • Model and practice critical thinking, and critical reflection
      Build excellent communication skills- bilingual communication in English and Hebrew.


    • Curate curiosity and creativity to engage our inner-artist and fulfill our unique gifts.


    • Model and build democratic values in each child to fully realize each child’s special rights, potential and create positive social impact.


    • Illuminate essential love and peace daily by practicing intentional listening, offering compassion, charity and love for all our neighbors.
    • As all our thoughts and actions radiate into the world, we do our best to start from our hearts in all considerations and interactions, cultivating feelings of love and peace for everyone everyday.


Social and emotional learning at the Academy provides children with agency. We support the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills for self-awareness, well-being, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making. This means that children learn to name, understand and manage their emotions, to feel and to show empathy for others, to establish and to maintain positive relationships, and to make responsible decisions. They understand they are connected to one another.