Join us monthly for Cafe Klatsch with Dr. Bogle & Friends

Dear Friends,

Please join us for our monthly Cafe Klatsch with Dr. Bogle & Friends.

The third Friday of every month, at 9:00 am in the Library we are gathering to explore topics of interest to parents and caregivers of the Growing Garden Preschool and Growing Garden Academy. We will meet monthly excepting December and April.

Parents and Grandparents and members of the community are invited to join us for a Nosh and interesting Klatsch surrounding topics on milieu of topics to include, childhood development, psychology, democratic discourse at home and in school, arts in education, the power of questioning, developing empathy, stewardship for children, and much more. We have a plethora of illustrious individuals in our community and we can benefit from their wisdom as we connect with one another.

Please contact Dr. Bogle at or alta@thegrowinggarden or for more information or to propose topics or volunteer as a presenter.

“The seeking is the finding.” Rebbe Mendel of Kotzk

We have many questions, and many concerns about our lives, our children’s lives, our community and our greater world. We are hoping this monthly gathering offers us a place to ask questions we hold in our minds and hearts and consider the wisdom of those who have dedicated their lives to learning, knowing and helping others.

We will find the answer in one another.

I will see you on Friday morning!

Dr. Debra E.S. Bogle, Principal Growing Garden Academy.

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