Who are the “Mystery Readers” at Read Alouds?

Reading is such a crucial component to your child’s learning. Yet, is reading practice enough? There is another very important component to your child’s reading.


Research shows that reading to children on a daily basis leads to huge success in the children’s educational growth.


At the Academy of the Arts, teachers incorporate reading throughout their daily lessons. This includes independent reading and reading with a buddy. Yet, children reading to themselves is not enough. At the Academy, we also have regular “Read Alouds” in the younger grades when the teacher or other adults read out loud to children.


The favorite for the children is “mystery readers!” Students love to listen along to their teacher reading, but there is nothing more exciting than seeing their parents participate in the fun!


It is common knowledge that individuals are influenced by those around them. This is specifically the case with children! Students become completely immersed when seeing their teachers and parents enjoy reading!


At the Academy of the Arts, we stress the importance of keeping parents and students connected with one another. Parents and guardians are encouraged to come into the classrooms, read aloud to students and share their own perspectives and interpretations! While students listen to “Read Alouds”, they learn how language and literature can be used to draw connections to the world around them. Whether it is, text-to-text, text-to-self or text-to-world, the connections drawn and discourse that follows are exceptional!
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