About us

The Academy is a place where we activate our creativity processes while we engage knowledge, discernment, wisdom and understanding.


Our philosophy empowers children and teachers by focusing on the creative and competent child, eager for exploration and engagement across interdisciplinary units of study. We support a love for learning while honoring the elegance of connections across a milieu of topics.

Our philosophy is to create a space for personal and societal transformation by creating opportunities for inquiry, exploration, creativity with learning and with one another. We support and encourage innovation, personal growth, equity, social justice, and infusion of our Jewish culture. We commit to building rich social lives centered on community, generosity, compassion, discernment, understanding, wisdom and rigorous academic experiences.

We see learning for ourselves and our students as a series of joyful experiences that encourage both teachers and students to build their creative capacities and develop a life-long love of learning. We commit to loving and serving one another with all our hearts.

Welcome & Bruchim Habaim

Welcome to the Academy of the Arts! We look forward to our journey together as we grow as a creative and active community of learners in the 21st Century.

We seek to create a place of compassion, and kindness in order to model respect and peace because we love our neighbors.

We practice love, positivity and joy daily.

Dr. Debra Bogle, Principal & Alta Gordon, Director


Becoming authentic and fluently balanced in cognitive, social-economical and spiritual understanding.


Curate curiosity and creativity to engage our inner-artist and fulfill our unique gifts.

Avodat Hashem

Service to G-d.


Practice intentional listening, offering compassion, charity and love for all our neighbors..

We see education as holistic, caring, responsive, creative, innovative, respectful, equitable, and accessible to all learners.
We see the school as an open, vibrant, rich center for caring and dynamic dialogue as well as a rich democratic culture shaped by our Jewish idenity.

We believe we belong to one another

Our school community is focused on positivity, attentive to our Jewish cultural identity and heritage and rooted in the commitment to serving our neighbors while acting with kindness and joy.