Social Studies

Incorporating social studies into elementary education helps shape well-rounded individuals who are not only academically prepared but also socially aware, culturally sensitive, and responsible members of their communities and the world. The Academy of the Arts utilizes “The Story of Us” by Joy Hakim. This groundbreaking and award-winning History tells the story of America in 10 user-friendly small, illustrated books. Narrative non-fictions keep students completely engaged and inspired and include: The First Americans (prehistory-1600), Making Thirteen Colonies (1600-1740), From Colonies to Countries (1735-1791), The New Nation (1789-1850), Liberty for All? (1820-1850), War, Terrible War (1855-1865), Reconstructing America (1865-1890), An Age of Extremes, War, Peace and All That Jazz, (1918-1945), All The People (since 1945).