Sixth Grade

The great transition into Middle School is complete as 6th graders expand into deeper studies of process and product across the curriculum to include literacy, math, and New Literacies (technology, critical thinking, conflict resolution, debate, and further independent inquiry). The expansive curriculum includes Readers and Writers Workshop, Writing Master Class, National Geographic Science, Handwriting Without Tears (cursive and keyboarding), Social Studies – A History of the United States by Joy Hakim, Eureka Math, Jewish Discovery, Hebrew, and 21st Century Literacies including: technology, critical thinking, conflict resolution, debate, coding, and design. Art includes: drama, music, painting and drawing, sculpture and design. We invite guest lecturers throughout the year to conduct seminars with question and answer format.

  • English is focused on English Literature across the genres and goes in-depth to explore and foster fluency in each genre.
  • Research is largely personalized across each discipline like Science, Social Sciences etc.
  • Science is global, interdisciplinary, earth sciences, computer sciences, coding, AI, our understanding of the human body and health. • Social Sciences focus on Global and Ancient Worlds including the foundations of the Jewish People and those of East Asia, The Levant, and more.
  • Community Service (Mitzvah Projects)
  • Student Government