Performing Arts: In our Performing Arts program, students will experience a nurturing and creative environment that fosters self-expression and the exploration of their unique artistic voice. Through drama, music, dance, and multimedia, they will be encouraged to discover their individuality and embrace organic forms of expression, using a diverse range of tools and materials to navigate the contemporary world of the arts.

Music: Music Education places equal emphasis on vocal and instrumental music. Students will partake in comprehensive lessons that encompass general music, ear training, singing, and rhythm skills. These engaging activities are tailored to suit various age groups, ensuring a well-rounded musical development for all.

Physical Education: The Academy’s physical education program incorporate a wide range of sports and exercises. This is done by introducing a wide range of structured sports and activities with the goal of making every child feel comfortable trying new sports.The emphasis is not solely on competition but also on cooperation, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The students are taught the importance of respecting their peers, following rules, and valuing fair play.

Chess: The chess enrichment program aids in the cultivation of problem-solving skills, strategic planning, patience, focused thinking, and self-discipline. While chess is inherently competitive, we emphasize the teachings of good sportsmanship and fair play as integral components of the game. Additionally, fostering teamwork is another crucial aspect of our approach.

Robotics/Coding Program: The science program adheres to the recently developed Next Generation Science Standards, placing special emphasis on robotics and coding as essential components of modern scientific practices and fostering a deep comprehension of scientific inquiry. Technology is seamlessly integrated into all facets of the school, with both students and teachers incorporating it into their daily routines. Additionally, students participate in weekly coding and robotics technology classes to further enhance their technological skills and knowledge.

Occupational Therapy: Our licensed Occupational Therapist supports our teachers and students in the classroom both academically and socially.  In the classroom the Learning without Tears writing program utilizes a multi-sensory developmental approach to teach print and cursive.  The Zones of Regulation, another program used, focuses on social emotional learning.  Session objectives help all students and include developing strong hand and finger muscles to support writing skills and often incorporate various forms of art.

Writing with a Mentor: Our writing instruction is led by a distinguished writing coach, highly skilled in nurturing the best techniques across various genres and text types. The writing classes take place on a weekly basis during our English Language Arts sessions. Additionally, our mentor collaborates with classroom teachers, offering both planning assistance and in-the-moment side-by-side writing support to students in grades 1 to 6 throughout our Academy.

Kosher Cuisine: At the Academy, Cooking Arts is undeniably an art form adored by all! Under the guidance of trusted Kosher cooks, children learn using Kosher recipes, along with mastering the fundamentals of measurements and processes, incorporating both American and European metrics. The recipes are shared with love, sprinkled with captivating storytelling, and infused with abundant flavor. Bon Appetit!

Arts: Students using their artistic expression is a crucial element of a great education. Through the process of creating art, children expand their minds, they make discoveries, they thrive! Studies show that through the joy of creative art experiences, children develop essential life-long skills, such as creative problem solving, out-of-the-box thinking, expressiveness, and rich imaginations. Our art program provides hands-on art enjoyed in a beautiful art classroom setting.

Gymnastics: Through gymnastics, we instill healthy habits, foster a positive mindset through challenges, and ensure happy kids. Our program develops all the essential elements such as basics, shapes, strengths, and flexibility, while boosting their confidence, all in the midst of tons of fun!