Our STEM curriculum was exclusively crafted to align with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and encompasses the entire NGSS curriculum for grades K-5, ensuring the success of students in the field of science for the 21st Century. In the Ladders program, the exploration of life, earth, physical sciences, and STEM subjects takes place in grades 2-6 through engaging science readers enriched with National Geographic content. These readers effectively promote science literacy and enhance STEM engagement, featuring content from distinguished National Geographic Explorers.

Additionally, The Academy of the Arts educators have joined NASA this fall in Sparking Participation and Real-world experiences in STEM (SPARX). SPARX provides educators with hands-on, standards-aligned activities, training, and resources to help engage students in STEM learning in a way only NASA can. Throughout the year, our AOTA students will have access and exposure to STEM learning and careers ideation through opportunities to connect live to NASA subject matter experts. Teachers receive training and students receive engagement with NASA engineers and scientists as we explore the cosmos!