Kindergarten at The Academy thrives as a harmonious ecosystem, incorporating both active, play-based approaches, and cognitive skills-based methodologies, all aimed at nurturing the development of the whole child. Our kindergartners are immersed in child-centered curricula, participating in a diverse range of enriching experiences, such as Readers and Writers Workshop, Phonics, Handwriting Without Tears, Eureka Math, Kindness, National Geographic Science, Writing, Art, Music, Drama, Jewish Discovery, and Hebrew. Foundational reading, comprehension, phonics, and writing Foundational exploration in math including value, basic computations in addition and subtraction. Questioning with critical thinking, i.e., How do I know? Community building and friendships, Science, how things work, and our relation to the world, i.e., “The Why?”


Tracy Larsen


Lorena Ubera

Kindergarten Assistant