Fourth Grade becomes a place of active action research by skilled critical thinkers, postulators of problem solvers, policy-makers and activists of social consciousness. 4th graders recognize themselves as active and vital members of their school and greater community and see themselves as having agency to frame their learning based upon their actions. They are masters of crucial skills in interdisciplinary learning and have acquired deeper and more sophisticated relationships with critical thinking, reasoning, responding, action and understanding. 4th grade likely explores learning from the internalized locus of control or self-mode. They see themselves as central to their learning and independently and critically question on almost every subject. They have mastery of many critical skills and begin to incorporate a favorite style of speaking, writing, reading genres and expressions of art that become personal and celebratory. This grade sees themselves as much wiser than the year before as they use reflection daily to help guide their senses of both direction and justice. Project-based learning becomes a personal passion and team work is more complex as deep thinkers see their questions as essential, so an effort is made to practice collaboration, negotiation and intentional listening skills daily. Teachers and parents notice the quest for independence in our 4th graders.