Having experienced the expansion of learning in 3rd Grade and the internalization of integrated norms and cultural experiences, the 3rd Grade become a place of expanded independence. Students reach into more independent inquiry across integrated subjects. Students see themselves as a part of an eco-system of learners and community. Students eagerly respond to mastered learning principles and lean into more advanced concepts in language arts, math, expression, history and science. Expanding learning is more sophisticated and 3rd graders often seek to spend time developing some expertise in a personal passion they find as they become experts in a facet of life that truly inspires them. Technology and its tools are of great interest to 3rd graders as they experiment, critique, expand upon and sometimes even innovate with New Literacies pushing the adults to stay current, be curious and dare to be creative in their response to this phenomenon of expansive learning. Friendships are of deep importance and take up much of a students’ socio-emotional time and attention.